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I am a General Hospital fan. I am eagerly anticipating Jasam's upcoming storyline. I'm also a fan of Sami (OTP: Lumi and the highly undershipped Sami/Nicole) from Days of Our Lives.

My family has been soap opera fans for generations.

So, imagine my upset at learning today that ABC has canceled two soap operas and would like to get rid of GH - the last soap standing (on ABC).

Behold my younger sister's eloquent plea to save the dying soap genre below.

PLEASE watch GH on Hulu, work to get #SaveSoaps trending on twitter, and reblog this on tumblr:

After hearing the devastating news that both One Life to Live and All My Children have been canceled, I am here to beg for support. I know soap operas often get the bad reputation of being so corny and overly dramatic that only bored housewives watch, but I am here to tell you that assumption is wrong. I am a fourth generation, twenty-two year old, college educated viewer and I have watched these shows for most of my life.

General Hospital, which began in 1963, is now the only ABC soap opera left. I won’t lie and tell you it hasn’t had evil twins and long lost loves return from the grave, because it has, but it also has had famous guest stars from Elizabeth Taylor to James Franco, groundbreaking stories about AIDS and organ donation, and more fans than you could possibly imagine. Doctors, lawyers, students, teachers, men, women, children, and adults - all walks of life have loved these shows, because unlike any other program out there, these are characters you can literally grow up with. You can see families grow as you grow your own and your children can watch theirs grow through each generation. It is something that is truly unique about soaps and something that will likely never happen again once the last show is canceled.

So please write, email, call to save the soap genre, not just for fans but for the thousands of American people (in hair and make-up, lighting, set design, writing, props, camera-work, and so much more) that will lose their jobs because they chose to work the hardest of any show in order to produce five days a week of television.

ABC Daytime Feedback Line (NY): 212-456-7777

Anne Sweeney
Co-chairman of Disney Media Networks

Brian Frons -
Brian Frons -

General Comments

Anne Sweeney
President, ABC Television Network
500 South Buena Vista Blvd.
Burbank, CA 91521

Brian Frons
President, ABC Daytime
ABC, Inc
2300 Riverside Drive
Burbank, CA 91506

818-460-7700 - Anne Sweeney

(also available on her LJ - [ profile] insanityclings) Any support is appreciated. ♥
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Well, we're halfway through finals week! Almost there! Though, I start Intersession immediately afterward. XD

I've updated my resume with my Associates Degree in International Business and I start looking for an internship next year. Good times.

I've put up a new layout at [ profile] dracoships and I plan to get some activities going over there.

And I have the greatest sister ever! She gifted me with a paid account!!! WOOHOO! Thank you, Sarah. :D Everyone, check out my lil sis' awesomeness at [ profile] insanityclings and her new General Hospital Jason/Sam community at [ profile] yourquietsmile !

Also, see my pretty icon? :D

I made 39 Glee-related icons (Kurt, Chris, & Cast). Here's a few teasers...

On to the rest...
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Wow. So much accomplished since the last post and yet there's still so much to get done. I'm a multi-tasker. I constantly push my limits and take risks with how much stuff I try to do at once. This is so overwhelming, but I'm beginning to wonder if I'll ever stop. I would always petition to overload and take more than the maximum amount of units/classes for each semester. Except this one - I've cut back to the standard full time student status of four classes this semester. And what do I do? I start two communities. XD Keeping up with fandom (essential!), running three comms, going to class and doing all the homework that entails, and remembering to eat/sleep/use the restroom?! This isn't even half of my To Do List - that thing could fill a novel. Oh well, I'll just keep on keeping on. ;)

I've told you about [ profile] kurtships, but I've also started the [ profile] kurtbigbang (a fic/art challenge for fans of Kurt Hummel from Glee).

What should be coming in the mail any week now: my AA Degree in Liberal Arts and my AA Degree in International Business. :D
I'm now working on my BA Degree in European Studies (Business, Communication, and Economics in Europe) at CSUF.

Also, remember that Jasam event I mentioned in the last post? Well, now I'm in the latest ABC Soaps in Depth magazine! A professional photographer pulled me aside for a group picture with the actors at the event and it made it into the magazine. O_O So surreal. My family just bought some keepsake copies. *^_^*

Note to [ profile] the_dicethrower : ~pokes you back~ I will catch up! And I will comment! How, you ask? Well, "I have many skills." \o/ *does Xena yell* Also... on the subject of ~bouncing~...
At first I was like: To bounce or not to bounce?

But then I was like: Oh yeah! I'm ~bouncing~!
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This past Saturday, I attended a Jasam fan event with my sister in Los Angeles. That's a Q&A and photos with Steve Burton (who plays Jason Morgan) and Kelly Monaco (who plays Sam McCall) of the soap opera General Hospital. It was fun. ...They're so much shorter in real life. :D

Mini-Rant: Politics = Depressing. Politics will suck the idealism out of anyone. The reality of the amount of control the greedy top 10% have over the rest of us just never lets up, does it?

Lemon Raspberry Meringue Pie from Fresh&Easy is yummy. Seriously!

Grr. Argh. Summer classes before transferring to the CSU. So tedious.

Chris Colfer, who plays Kurt Hummel on Glee, always cheers me up. He's so hilarious and awesome in all of his interviews.

So, I created a Kurt Hummel shippers fan community - [ profile] kurtships!


Here's something to turn all you not-yet-Chris-Colfer-fans into fans:

Awesome Chris Colfer Interview on Jimmy Fallon - HERE
Chris Shows His Sai Sword Skills - HERE
Kurt Does Single Ladies - HERE
Kurt Duets with Mercedes on 4 Minutes (video's reversed/flipped, though) - HERE

He deserves the Emmy!!! The above doesn't even include the drama.

If you're not already watching this show, give it a chance. <3
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