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Here's a Sam/Kurt wallpaper I threw together. :) There's a variation with text and a couple of icons to match.

Available in 1280x800px.

2 Wallpapers & 2 Icons Behind the Cut )

X-posted to [ profile] kurtships and [ profile] samkurt
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These were part of my gift to [ profile] ithilien22 for [ profile] gleesecretsanta!


Cast & Santana & Brittany & Mike [1 - 13]
Animated Icons [14 - 21]
+ 5 Santana & Brittany & Mike .GIFs from Glee 2.09 "Special Education"

More Icons and Gifs Behind the Cut )

★ CREDIT [ profile] gwendy1
Comment with what you take!
★ Feel free to use as bases/add text/customize, but please still credit.
★ DO NOT HOTLINK! Save to your own servers. (<- Trust me, this is for your own benefit.)
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Well, we're halfway through finals week! Almost there! Though, I start Intersession immediately afterward. XD

I've updated my resume with my Associates Degree in International Business and I start looking for an internship next year. Good times.

I've put up a new layout at [ profile] dracoships and I plan to get some activities going over there.

And I have the greatest sister ever! She gifted me with a paid account!!! WOOHOO! Thank you, Sarah. :D Everyone, check out my lil sis' awesomeness at [ profile] insanityclings and her new General Hospital Jason/Sam community at [ profile] yourquietsmile !

Also, see my pretty icon? :D

I made 39 Glee-related icons (Kurt, Chris, & Cast). Here's a few teasers...

On to the rest...


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