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Title: Who Knew?
Prompt: #42; Any 20ies!AU
Pairings/Characters: Santana/OFC, Kurt/Various, Rachel
Rating: light R, for strong language and references to adult content
Word Count: 1,784 words
Spoilers: up to season 2 finale
Summary: FutureFic: No one really ends up where they expected to when they were young. Life forces you to grow up, disillusions you, and changes so much.
A/N: Written for the [ profile] kurt_santana fest. This is more gen than Kurt/Santana shippy, but I hope you enjoy it anyway! \o/ ♥

Who Knew?

Smooth Santana sways her hips as she walks confidently in her strappy stilettos and her business chic skirt suit – right up to Kurt, to join him at their regular booth. She unbuttons her jacket to reveal the dark jewel-tone silk blouse underneath her light pinstriped ensemble and slides into the seat across from him.

She looks absolutely stunning, Kurt thinks. And she knows it.

He smirks at her from his position, with his arm spread wide across the back of his own bench seat and his leg folded to prop one foot upon the opposite leg’s knee. His own suit jacket is unbuttoned, revealing his impressively high quality – and high end – outfit to be enjoyed in its fullest. Polished professional suits him. His looks have matured over the years into the kind of Hollywood-handsome that tempts all the questioning men and attracts the unquestioning in droves. He’s fucking sex-on-legs and he knows it.

Kurt takes a sip from his coffee and sets the mug back down. “This coffee is swill. We should really find a better diner to frequent.”

“Well, this is the only diner close enough to both my practice and Kelly’s work to be able to meet for lunch and the only one gay enough to not give a fuck if we leave the little demon with you and finger each other in the bathroom, so you’re just gonna have to deal.”

He grimaces. “I hope you remember to wash your hands.”

Santana rolls her eyes. “Fuck you.”

With a fond chuckle, Kurt drums his fingers lightly on the tabletop. “How’s the big case going?”

Total cake walk,” she says with a ruthless smile. “Opposing counsel seems to have hired a bunch of idiots for paralegals.”

The diner door opens with a cheery ring and Kelly enters, deftly maneuvering the baby carrier in her grip.

Kelly Davis. A bubbly brunette Santana met through a friend at law school and quickly hit it off with, now her wife, partner, and the other mother to her child. Santana had decided if she was going to gamble with her heart again she would go all in. Many of their old glee buddies had been surprised when she was one of the first to settle down.

But then, so many of them had changed so much. They had been so naïve and immature, Kurt reflects. Is it really such a shock that the “real world” would be such a rude awakening that it would alter some of their perspectives?

Kurt’s happy for Santana, but he can’t quite imagine himself finding the same happiness in the world anymore. In hindsight, he had been so stupid. Thinking he knew what love was. He had grabbed the secure and safe lifeline – the obvious cure to loneliness that was Blaine, smug in the way everything seemed to fall into place, only to be burned anyway when the rat bastard left him for an aerobics instructor.

Kelly presses a quick kiss to the corner of Santana’s mouth and arranges Damon’s baby carrier on the table close to wall, but facing outward so he can look around and scrunch his adorable little face up in wonder and curiosity at his busy surroundings, before taking a comfortable seat next to her wife. Santana reaches out to lightly grip of one of the baby’s bootie-covered feet and gives it a loving wiggle while grinning brightly. Damon smiles and gurgles at her.

“Why, it’s my precious little demon!” She coos. “How are you, baby?”

Yes, that’s right. Santana Lopez coos now. Who knew, huh? Kurt imperceptibly flinches at the cutesy family goodness. He can appreciate the sheer unadulterated love they share, even if only by extension or vicariously, but it burns a little that he’s not likely to be enjoying anything like it anytime in foreseeable future. He’s had his share of bitterly bad romances by now and he’s just not interested in anything more complicated than casual sex. Strange, how they seem to have switched places from completely different ends of the spectrum.

“Oh, he’s a little demon, alright.” Kelly chuckles. “He tossed his bottle clear across the Fuller Daycare playroom and conked me on the back of the head.”

Kurt laughs and carefully un-straps Damon from his baby carrier, lifting him gently into his arms and against his shoulder. He smiles when the little boy squirms joyfully and latches onto his neck, cuddling close.

Another ring of the bell attached to the door signals another arrival. Rachel Berry, in all her stubborn exuberance and still somewhat awkwardly attired – despite Kurt’s numerous attempts with honest makeovers – glory, marches swiftly to Kurt and Santana’s booth. She slides in to sit next to Kurt. With a broad grin, she smacks delighted kisses on both Kurt and Damon’s cheeks.

“Hello!” she says in cheerful chirp-like voice. Turning to Santana and Kelly, she asks, “Have we ordered yet? I’m simply starving! I missed my daily Wheatgrass Detox Shot and Berry UpBEET; if I don’t get some nutrients in me now, I swear I’ll faint!”

Kurt snorts bemusedly and wonders when she’ll get past the novelty of ordering something that happens to share her last name. “I put our orders in about fifteen minutes ago. It should be here any minute.” He strokes Damon’s warm back and smoothes his hair.

Santana looks on fondly. “So, when are Burt and Carole getting in?” Both love to dote on Damon, spoiling him mercilessly.

“Friday afternoon. I’ll pick them up and then I figured we could all get dinner at that new Italian restaurant on 17th Street.”

Kelly enquires, “Oh. Are Finn and Mercedes coming, too?”

“No. They’re in Hershey, house-sitting for Mercedes’ older brother.”

Rachel shifts uncomfortably, her smile dimming a bit. She was very supportive – attending the wedding and congratulating her old friend and ex-boyfriend with a convincing smile – but she couldn’t help wistfully considering what could have been.

Kurt wraps an arm around her.

Santana not-so-discreetly mouths, ‘Leading her on.

He narrows his eyes at her.

Rachel leans into Kurt and he rolls his eyes at Santana when she smirks pointedly.

Noticing a waitress headed their way with a loaded tray, Kurt gives Damon a quick peck on the head and settles him back into his carrier. The boy fusses some but is distracted when the loud buxom waitress comes up, delivering their orders, and exclaims over him. “Well, aren’t you a handsome young man?” she asks and tickles his tummy. He giggles.

They make quick work of their lunch, tucking into it with gusto – some in hunger and some because their lunch breaks just aren’t very long.

Santana briefly pauses in her meal to fish a teething ring out of his diaper bag. “Here, baby. Go ahead and chew this.”

Damon squeals and gums it with enthusiasm.

Kelly glances at her watch and heaves a big sigh. “Okay, it’s time for me and the little one to get back to the madhouse.”

She wipes her hands on a napkin, accepts a lingering kiss from Santana with a smile, and secures Damon in his carrier.

Santana and Kurt each lean in, placing a quick kiss on either side of young boy’s head.

Rachel ducks forward to grab the teething ring from where Damon’s dropped it and hands it over to a grateful Kelly. She smiles widely at the boy. “Oh, sweetie. I’ll see you later.”

Kelly picks him up. “Wave ‘Bye, Bye’ to Mommy and Daddy, Damon.”

Damon grins and waves just like his mama taught him, babbling happily.

Kurt can’t help but beam at him and wave back. “Bye, Bye, Damon. I’ll see you Friday.”

Kelly winks at Santana, “See ya later, babe,” and departs.

Santana turns back around from watching them go and reaches up to squeeze one of her breasts. “Ugh. Can one of you go back in time and smack me for allowing them to do the ‘smile’ incision?” She grimaces. “Hell, stop me from getting implants all together. Who’d of thought I would regret a boob job, let alone ever actually need to produce milk like a cow?”

Kurt’s face scrunches up, showing the family resemblance with Damon. Too much information.

She raises an eyebrow, unimpressed. “Moo hoo. I spent hours in labor; you can put up with hearing about my aches and pains.”

Rachel’s got to be going, so she pushes her empty glass forward and gathers her purse. “Well, I’d better go. Kurt, I’ll see you later.” She smiles. “Santana, I’ll see you next week. Take care, both of you.”

They say their farewells.

Once she’s out the door, Santana snickers. “She’s dying for a fuck from you. I bet it still eats her up inside that I got to you first.”

Kurt glares at her. “Your antics in trying to make her jealous are not appreciated. And stop insinuating that we had sex, when you know I jerked into a cup.” Alright, technically, he was enjoying a casual fuck with a hot strawberry blond with a mustache who jerked him off into the cup, but nobody needed to know that. What? The man looked like Westley from The Princess Bride. How could he resist? He shakes his head. “You’ve got to stop teasing her.”

Santana shrugs, but she’s still smirking, so he doesn’t really expect her to stop.

“Fine, I got to your sperm first,” she says. “Rachel Berry is still jealous of me. There’s no point at which that stops being hilarious.”

She stretches confidently across the width of her bench seat and grins at him. “Are you ever going to put her out of her misery and just fuck her?”

The truth is: he’s entertained the possibility of a relationship with Rachel, only because she might actually let him have gay sex on the side – though, he wonders if she’d make him let her watch; he could see her being kinky that way. But a relationship like that would be unfair to Rachel. Besides, their former glee club is incestuous enough as it is. He can still remember the senior year whirlwind romance that was Puck and himself.

Kurt scoffs at Santana and would answer with a suitably witty retort, but movement across the room catches his attention and he’s suddenly aware of a sexy young blond covertly sneaking glances at him. Shifting to send a cruising stare at him, Kurt smirks at the arguable Sam look-alike, who smiles in return and gestures tellingly at the door.

Santana, who has witnessed the whole flirtation, cackles at Kurt and waves him off. “Well, go on then. Have at him.”

Kurt smiles, dropping a speedy kiss on her cheek, “Later, Santana,” and follows his next conquest out the door.


A/N (cont.): Can you guess which show helped to inspire this AU?


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