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Harry Potter

Ron Schemes / DW / AO3
Draco/Harry, Ron POV | 1440 words | PG-13
Hogwarts Era: Ron's reaction to a Draco/Harry relationship. Written for the [ profile] dracotops_harry fest.

Seeing The Snitch / DW / AO3
Draco/Harry pre-slash | ~5700 words | PG-13
Post-War AU: Draco must deal with loss and Muggles in Malfoy Manor. Written for [ profile] serpentinelion's Glomp Fest.

Rite Of Passage / DW / AO3
Draco/Madam Rosmerta | 2199 words | NC-17
Post-War AU; For Prompt: Reconciliation. Draco returns to the Three Broomsticks to wrap up unfinished business. He only intended making a formal apology to Madam Rosmerta, but she has other plans for him. Written for the [ profile] deflower_draco fest.

Bad For Business / DW / AO3
Neville/Draco, Draco/Others mentioned | ~4500 words | NC-17
Post-War AU: What’s the wizarding version of a sex tape? Neville and Draco are about to find out when theirs is the first to reach the public, just in time for the holidays. Written for the [ profile] hp_sexstars fest.

Something Blue / DW / AO3
Draco/Luna | ~3600 words | NC-17
Post-War AU: Luna’s on a search for an elusive magical creature she is certain exists – the Blue-Haired Bipsy. But the only person known to have seen any such animal is one of the Malfoy ancestors, who mentioned so in their journals. Will Draco Malfoy be willing to help her? Written for [ profile] interhouse_fest.



The Power Of Blackmail (Santana, Brittany, Mike, Kurt, PG, 789 words) For [ profile] gleesecretsanta.
Nostalgia (Jesse, Kurt, PG, 948 words) For [ profile] glee_rare_pairs.
Santana Gets Slushied (Santana, Sam, PG, 348 words) For [ profile] santana_lopez Drabble Meme.

Building Bridges / DW / AO3
Puck/Kurt | WIP | PG-13
Bridge To Terabithia Fusion/AU. Written for the [ profile] kurt_disney fest.

Who Knew? / DW / AO3
Santana/OFC, Kurt/Various, Rachel | 1784 words | light R
Future Fic AU: No one really ends up where they expected to when they were young. Life forces you to grow up, disillusions you, and changes so much. Written for the [ profile] kurt_santana fest.


X-Men: First Class

Exposed / DW / AO3 (coming soon)
Erik/Charles | words | NC-17
Intended for the [ profile] xmenbigbang but real life bulldozed over those dreams.



Supernatural TBA

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